Le Bal Books - Paris, France

Le Plac'Art Photo - Paris, France

Librairie Le Monte en L'air - Paris, France

Librairie Yvon Lambert - Paris, France

Librairie Photographique Le 29 - Paris, France

Maison Européene de la Photographie - Paris, France

L'Ascenseur Végétal - Bordeaux, France

Galerie Les Yeux Ouverts - Fontainebleau, France

Claire de Rouen Books - London, UK

Foyles Flagship Store - London, UK

Paul Smith - London, UK

The Photographer's Gallery - London, UK

Ti Pi Tin - London, UK

Village Bookstore - Leeds, UK

Photobook Store - Brighton, UK

The Library Project - Dublin, Ireland

Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam, Netherlands

25 Books - Berlin, Germany

Bildband - Berlin, Germany

Kominek Gallery - Berlin, Germany

Voo Store - Berlin, Germany

Loring Art - Barcelona, Spain

wer-haus - Barcelona, Spain

Ivory Press - Madrid, Spain

STET - Lisbon, Portugal

XYZ Books - Lisbon, Portugal

Inc. Livros - Porto, Portugal

MiCamera - Milan, Italy

Leporello - Rome, Italy

Bruno - Venice, Italy

Anzenberger Gallery - Vienna, Austria

Hors Format - Brussels, Belgium

Tipi Bookshop - Brussels, Belgium

F5 Concept Store - Oslo, Norway

Tronsmo - Oslo, Norway

Willas Contemporary - Oslo, Norway

YME Concept Store - Oslo, Norway

DobryBook - Kracow, Poland

Daikanyama T-Site - Tokyo, Japan

Dover Street Market Ginza - Tokyo, Japan

Flotsam Books - Tokyo, Japan

IMA Concept Store - Tokyo, Japan

NADiff - Tokyo, Japan

Reminders Photography Stronghold - Tokyo, Japan

Shelf - Tokyo, Japan

So Books - Tokyo, Japan

Twelve Books - Tokyo, Japan

Not Pillar Books - Kyoto, Japan

CMBMC/C7C - Nagoya, Japan

On Reading - Nagoya, Japan

Book of Days - Osaka, Japan

Books F3 - Takamatsu, Japan

Rasen - Ehime, Japan

Waterfall Store - Taipei, Taiwan

Livraria Madalena - Sao Paulo, Brazil

HYDRA - Mexico City, Mexico

Mainland - Mexico City, Mexico

Working Title - Toronto, Canada

Ampersand - Portland, USA

International Centre of Photography - New York, USA

Kanimambo Books - Los Angeles, USA

MOCA Store - Los Angeles, USA

Photo-Eye - Santa Fe, USA

Spaces Corner HQ - Pittsburgh. USA

Spaces Corner at ICP Museum - New York, USA