Photobook Workshop III - Spring 2017

Following the success of our first two workshops, we are pleased to announce that our third Photobook Workshop Series will take place in Spring 2017. 
Comprising of a series of intensive two-day collaborative workshops, the Photobook Workshop Series will cover a range of contemporary publishing models, from indie zines through to high quality luxury editions, ranging from traditional photography books to experimental photobooks that push the boundaries of the publishing medium.
The workshops will be run by Nicholas McLean - Art Director/Publisher at ÉDITIONS DU LIC (Independent Publishing House) and Alessandro Calabrese  - Artist/Teacher (FOAM TALENT and Lecturer in Photography and Visual Design at NABA, Milan) with visiting guest mentors during each weekend of the workshop (details to be announced shortly).
 Mentors and guest mentor will work in close collaboration with participants to convert their photo projects into print-ready books. The program will cover the complete book making process; including concept ideation, curation, sequencing, layout, design, material and printing specifications, binding techniques as well as essential aspects of publishing, distribution and marketing.
Course Dates:
1 - 2 April 2017
29 - 30 April 2017
20 - 21 May 2017
17 - 18 June 2017
Gorilla Studio,
 Stålverksveien 2, 0661 Oslo, Norway
14,000 kr (appr EUR 1,500) / (8 - 12 participants)
Email us for more information and for full application details.